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Hit By Lightning 2014
6.2 of 11

Hit By Lightning

HDRip 5.00 89 min
Forty-something milquetoast Ricky Miller hates his life. He long gave up writing his only book at eighty pages, and now works as a manager at a Debby's, a franchise diner, in Los Angeles where his employees give him little respect. His social life consists of nights home watching movies with his cat - he being a movie aficionado - and Saturday nights out with his loud best friend since childhood, accountant Seth Gallagher, they employing Seth's less than successful schemes to pick up women. Ricky and Seth are now the only two from their high school class who have never been married with little hope that either ever will at the rate they are going. Despite his disdain for how happy the people in their advertisements are, Ricky tries online dating at To his amazement, he makes a connection with someone on the site, she, Danita, who does not post a photo of herself on her profile, ending up being a beautiful woman who has the same unique interests as him. What seems to be their smooth road to a loving, committed relationship hits a major bump when she eventually confesses that she is already married, albeit unhappily, and that her controlling husband will never allow her to leave him. As such, she brings up the idea, for them to have a happy life together, that he kill her husband. Ricky, with Seth by his side, has to decide if he will go along with Danita's plan in their mutual love for each other, or if he is being played, with he being William Hurt, she being Kathleen Turner and Danita's husband being nice-guy Richard Crenna in Body Heat (1981). Ricky being the type of person who would respond to an online profile with no photo may provide some keys to what he will do and what Danita's true motivations are.


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